At Carib Brewery we have, over the years, been at the forefront of supporting local and regional cultural, sporting, charitable and social activities.

We continue to align our brands with events that promote camaraderie, patriotism and community development and we value the positive and lasting societal impact which sport and culture have in the Caribbean. We are avid supporters of a number of events including the Carib Great Race, Pan On D Avenue, National Rugby Tournament and the Carib Midsummer Classic.

Carib Brewery has continuously been a part of the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago for over 50 years through involvement in Carnival and by extension, mas, pan, calypso and soca music. We have over time developed key partnerships with stakeholders in every area with whom we work throughout the year, not only through sponsorship but also by creating and sharing the enjoyment that comes with every Carib Brewery product.

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Carib Brewery is the largest producer and distributor of some of the Caribbean’s most popular beverage brands and we recognize our social and moral responsibility to our consumers. We therefore encourage and actively promote responsible drinking.
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The company recently launched the “Save The Earth” campaign which educates consumers about the benefits amassed when they Return, Redeem and get a Refund for empty bottles of Carib, Carib Light, Stag, Heineken, Mackeson, Shandy Carib, Ginseng Up, Malta Carib and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

Customers can expect a refund of TT30 cents per bottle and TT $2.80 each for plastic crates.

The bottles are then sterilized and re-used. Any bottles that cannot be re-used are sent to or sister company – Carib Glassworks for recycling.
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As a member of the ANSA McAL Group, we are committed to the safety, health and protection of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities where we operate and the environment


To ensure we achieve our goal of no accidents or injuries and no harm to the environment,we will conduct our business in a manner that is consistent with the ANSA Mc AL Group Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Guiding Principles.


CBL will do so by establishing business objectives that promote sustainable improvement of our safety performance and leadership in the industry.


Continual improvement of our occupational health & safety and environmental performance by setting achievable objectives over the short, medium, and long term


Sustainable alternatives

The future of sustainable alternatives in our brewing process is high on the agenda for all our Carib Breweries. It is also a growing agenda for all of our other manufacturing facilities. By 2024, we expect to supplement most of our electricity needs with the use of solar energy and to reduce our emissions by over 50 percent.

Many of the raw materials we currently use are imported, so we also have an objective to reduce this dependency by partial and/ or total local and regional substitution. For example, using raw materials like cassava to supplement imported corn syrup. This will help create a positive agricultural impact on local farming, create additional employment, and lower our carbon footprint.

Carib family

Families don’t just exist to create and generate profit and return; families are looking to pass something on in a meaningful way to future generations. This is an interesting new area for us and a steep learning curve, but we will achieve this through the development and implementation of a group-Wide sustainability framework aligned to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

In the first instance, this will cover 2020-2023. We will continue to reduce operating costs through materials, energy, and waste reduction, and continue identifying and reducing previously unseen risks in the global supply chain. Our goal is to promote a profitable business for our shareholders that generate value for our customers, and continues to promote regional, national, and international sustainable development.”

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